Welcome to our parish!

These are the pages of the Orthodox parish of SS. Peter and Paul, First of the Apostles, in Deventer, Netherlands. Naturally, because it's a Dutch parish, everything here is in Dutch. If you're interested and would like to know more or to visit us, you can ask for more information in English.

We're a steadily growing, international parish: about 70 families who between them have more than a dozen nationalities. There are about the same number of regular and occasional visitors; at Easter our church, even after the rebuilding which left it larger than any church we've ever had, is more than full.

We worship every Saturday evening at 19.30 and Sunday morning at 10.30. Services are in Dutch with some Church Slavonic and occasionally Greek. Our church is in the Korte Assenstraat 13, in the town centre of Deventer, no more than 15 minutes' walk from the station.

You'll find the structure of our services very familiar if you come from an Anglican or Catholic tradition. We regret that only Orthodox believers can join in the Sacraments (such as Holy Communion) but of course everybody is welcome to join us in prayer and worship, and stay for refreshments, conversation and companionship after the service.

Father Theodoor van der Voort (00 31 570 625521) can answer enquiries in Dutch, English, French, German, Serbian and Russian; enquiries by e-mail are welcome in Dutch, English or German (the webmaster can read but not write French, Greek and Romanian -- in those cases you'll probably get an answer in English or German -- and can't read Serbian or Russian so will send your mail on to Fr. Theodoor).

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